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  • Accessories for electric

Accessories for electric

Our company produces and sells various models and trademarks of hotplates for industrial electric ranges for dining places.
All hotplates are made of ecological materials and components.

Hotplate: H-0,09; H-0,12/3,0;H-0,15;H-0,17

It is used for industrial electric ranges with cookware, used in dining places.

I. Technical data.

Working surface area, m² -0,09; 0,12; 0,15;0,17

Working surface sizes, mm-300*300;295x417;415*295;405*370;565*320

Type of current - alternating

Working surface temperature, СО, not less than - 400

Weight, kg, not more than - 20

Power, kW 2.5; 3,0 (м.б.2.5);3.5;4,0

Rated voltage, V - 220(380)

II. Components and materials.

¦ Moulding – cast iron С4-15 State Standard -1412.

¦ Lid - steel St 0,8ПС(КП) -6 (State Standard - Branch Standard 16523-97).

¦ Screen (built-up ER) - steel St 0,8ПС(КП) -6 (State Standard - Branch Standard 16523-97).

¦ Heat-insulation (built-up H).

1) Special wool - refractoriness up to 1100С. Trademark МКРВ 200

Without salamander wool.

2)Natural vermiculite mica and heatproof cement (built-up H) (ТУ-5767-002-51682 863-2002) (ТУ-5716-0210-92 537-01).

Refractoriness up to 1300С.

Without salamander wool.

¦ Nickel-chromium spiral - Х20Н80Н (GS-40)

State Standard-12766.1-90 operating temperature - 1200С

ТУ-РМО-004/05 melting temperature - 1390С

¦ Insulating terminal block - ПЭ-0,51Ш 00007

State Standard 13891-78

Rated voltage – 500V

¦ Insulating pellet - БФ-1-8/10

ИМБШ - 757513.003.03

State Standard - 13.871-78

Rated voltage – 500V

III. Mechanism and operation concept.

The hotplate represents an iron plate with dielectrics and two spirals in them. The ends of spirals are lead out on the terminal block. The hotplate can work in three modes: «weak», «average» and «strong» heating.

Independent switching on is not admitted.

IV. Safeguards.

Prevent spilling of liquids on the heated surface of the hotplate as it causes its cracking.

V. Preparation for work.

Before using hotplates it is necessary:

- to tighten nuts on contacts of terminal block;

- to dry a hotplate without spirals;


Before the first switching on, dry a hotplate within 40 minutes by warming up on the minimum power.

Spirals electric schemes

Electric scheme of spirals H-0,09, H-0,12 Electric scheme of spirals H-0,15

Electric scheme of spirals H-0,17

Pellet for H with a spiral

Insulated pellet БФЧ 8-10

Spiral for H

Dielectric terminal block for H-0,09;H-0,12;H-0,15

Dielectric terminal block for H - 0,17

THE - 152. 1.4 kW.220V

THE 181. 1.6 kW 220 V

Technical specifications 25-02.061990-78
Code of Russian Classification of products 42 1871
For automatic performance of electro-thermal trade-processing equipment.

  • General limits of regulation, °С
  • (7 modifications) from 40 up to 450
  • Return zone, °С:
  • Low value from 1,5 up to 5
  • Upper value from 6 up to 40
  • Remotability, m 0,6; 1; 1,5; 2,5
  • Sizes, mm 104х41х53
  • Weight, kg, not more than 0,37
  • Case protection IP00
  • Switched current: from 20 А at voltage from 250 V; from 10 А at voltage from 440 V with frequency 50(60) Hz. Controllable environment: water, air, vegetable and mineral oils, liquid, cooking surface. It is certificated by all-Union State Standard of Russia.

ТАМ126- analogue Т-32 М

Technical specifications 4218-204-00227459-01
Code of Russian Classification of products 42 1871

For maintenance and restriction of the set temperature of the controllable environment in household and trade-processing equipment.

  • General limits, °С
  • (8 modifications) from 0 up to 350
  • Return zone, uncontrollable
  • (depending on modification),°С 5, 6, 8, 12, 15
  • Remotability, m 0,6; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5
  • Sizes, mm 47х45,5х58
  • Weight, kg, not less than 0,15
  • Case protection IP00
  • Air temperature (depending on modification) from 1 up to 150 °С. Level of the sound, arising while using the device - 75 dBA. Switched current: from 16 А at voltage 380 V with frequency 50 (60) Hz and соs f = 1; from 6 А at voltage 250 V with frequency 50 (60) Hz and соs f > 0,6. Controllable environment: air, liquids, water steam, vegetable and mineral oils, cooking surfaces. Climatic specifications.

ТПКП-25А (ТПКП-М) (switch for electric range ТПКП-25А)

Heat-resistant switch ТПКП is used for switching on heating elements of the industrial electric ranges.

The switch design supposes turn of the handle in both sides from zero position and has four fixed positions.

Switch operation is carried out in following conditions:

  • Environmental temperature not more than 80°С
  • Relative humidity not more than 90%

Technical characteristics:

  • Material: phenoplast
  • The material of electric contact: silver
  • Voltage/Frequency, V/Hz: 220/50
  • Rated current, А: not more than 25
  • Overall size, mm: 88х105х118
  • Weight, kg: not more than 0,4

Design and operating principle:

In single-phase electro-thermal devices the heating element consists of two sections, and the different ways of their switching on can change the power of device. Switching on of a section – consecutive and parallel; the section is switched on by means of the switch.

Cam operated switch ТПКП (look at the picture) consists of a spindle 2 with cams of the mechanism of fast switch 3, a case 4 and contact group 7 with terminal blocks of 5 motionless contacts. Contact group is fixed on the case by means of screws 6.

Fast switching mechanism 3 is fixed by means of screws 8. It consists of figure washer with balls, fastened to it with the springs. When turning the handle on 45° the springs are compressed and the balls come in contact with the washer. At the further turning of the handle potential energy of the compressed springs increases the speed of rotation of the spindle with cams. At fast turning of cams the speed of contacts disconnection increases, therefore a flash (arc) between them gets down easier.