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  • Electrorings household

Electrorings household

Hotplates and components for household electric ranges

We offer hotplates, components for household electric ranges, repair parts.

Closed Joint-Stock Company “Electrical engineering” is the largest supplier of hotplates and components for household electric ranges of various trademarks in St.-Petersburg and the Northwestern Federal district.

Cast-iron household hotplates CIH 145-1,0/220;СIH 180 -1,5/220;СIH 220 -2,0/220 ,СIH 145 Э -1,5/220,СIH 180Э -2.0/220 (State Standard 14163-88) is a universal heater element for all Russian and foreign models of household electric stoves, using this type of heating element.

Technical data of cast-iron hotplates

CIH – cast-iron hotplates.

145,180,220 – ø of moulding in mm.

1,0; 1,5; 2,0 - power W.

220 - rated voltage V.

50 - alternating current frequency Hz.

Weight: 145 mm --1.1- 1,3 kg.

180 mm -- 1,85 - 2.1 kg.

220 mm - 2.9-3.4 kg.

Working surface’s heating temperature - 500-600 С.

Time of warming up, С 10 min.

The number of spirals -3 pcs.

Possible number of switching -7

Climatic implementation (moderately-frigid climate) -4

Title of the parameter

Type of hotplates

CIH-145 CIH-180 CIH 220

1.0 kW 1.5kW 2.0kW

Rated voltage, V


Rated power, W

1000 1500 2000

Power at the minimum step of heating W

250 300 350

Power of the spiral, W

(W – ватт, V - вольт)

Hotplates are intended for household electric ranges.

Attention! Hotplates are the goods, which work under control, installation and replacement of cast-iron hotplates should be carried out only by experts of service centers and only at disconnected electric range.

Before installation of hotplates it is necessary to remove grease from the surface with the dry rag and to dry at temperature 100-150C during 20 minutes or voltage 220V during 10 minutes.

CIH-145 -1.5 kW and CIH-180- 2.0 kW

CIH 145 with molded ring

CIH -145 with molded ring

CIH-180 with molded ring

CIH-180 with molded ring

CIH 220


Recommendations about increase of service life:

  • Don`t leave CIH switched on without cookware
  • Do not let liquid transfusion on surface of CIH
  • Do not put wet ware on hot surface of the CIH
  • Do not use sharp object for cleaning CIH

The electric scheme of spirals connection


Installation, connection to the power line, grounding and proving of hotplates is carried out by the service centers with adherence of all requirements of «Rules of the electric installation devices», «Accident-prevention rules», «Maintenance rules» and according to the «Operation rules of the electric ranges ».

Storage rules

Hotplates should be stored in heated and ventilated rooms at temperature from +5°С up to +45°С, with relative humidity not more than 80% at absence of acid and other chemical steams. During transportation, boxes with hotplates should be protected from atmospherical condensation and mechanical damage.

For energy saving always switch on hotplates on the maximum and after boiling lessen the temperature. Switch off the hotplate 5-10 minutes before readiness of the dish.

  • For long running of the covering it is recommended to wipe it with paper napkin moistened with vegetable oil.
  • Use cookware with flat thick bottom.

Hotplate with a heating element
Heating element 1.0 kW

Heating element.2 kW

Heating element - dream

Heating element with stainless bowl

General directions

Hotplate with a THE HHE -180-1,0(1,2)/220 is used for household electric ranges: «ELECTRA- 1002» and for portative electric ranges: «Iskorka», «Rosianka» and others. It can be completed with a stainless burner bowl or a burner bowl from steel with an enameled covering.

Technical characteristics: 1.0 kW ( 1,2kW);220 V

The scheme of connection of hotplate to the stepless power regulator (SCR or CR)

Oven THE

Material – stainless steel 08 ПС trademark 12Х18Н9, 08Х18Н10 or analogues. THE - tubular heating element

Top THE is placed at the top of the oven.

Bottom THE is placed at the bottom of the oven.

Top oven THE 0,8kW Ladoga, Liseva, De-Luxe and others.

Bottom oven THE 1.2 kW Ladoga, Liseva, De-Luxe and others.

High temperature grill with THE is placed at the top of the oven together with top heater


Technical characteristics: 103(120)-3,5-7,4( 6,5)/0,8(1,8) Т 220-

Where: 103(120)-length in mm; 3.5 - length of the contact bar; 7,4- o of the tube in mm;0,8(1.2) – power in kW; Т- used environment; 220- working voltage. .


1. Not conserving of THE is allowed

2. Mark according to all-Union State Standard 19108-81 print 3 Пр 3 По all-Union State Standard 26.008-85 in any place

3. THE can be made without any mark (mark on the package)

4. Insulators of poses. 3 should be placed to the hermetic organic-silicon “Siak” ВТУБГ 18. 00-96

5. Test voltage of electric durability of THE insulation in a cold condition 1250V

6. THE resistance in cold condition 59,55 (+5,95Г2,98) Om

7. THE insulation resistance in cold condition, not less than 20 Mom
at acceptance tests; 2 Mom on all period of storage and operation.

8. Other specifications according to all-Union State Standard 19108-81

Step power selection switches (positional)

Power selection switches are used for manual switching the power of household electric heating devices (electric ranges, grills, heat chambers, fan heaters and others.) by means of changing the scheme of switching heating elements.

220 - rated voltage V.

50 - alternating current frequency Hz.

Class of protection against electroconvulsive --0

3 position selection switches are used in electric ranges for switching on oven lamps, gear reducer or heating elements (heater) without power regulation.

5 position selection switches are used in electric ranges for switching on oven light, electric fan, and gear reducer.

7 position selection switches are used in electric ranges for regulating hotplates power.

Operating mode - long

Switches – non repairable

Before installation the switches it is necessary to consider the following:

  • All current carrying details are opened;
  • It is not supposed to use switches with mechanical damages without the handle or with the broken handle.
  • Before connection of external current-carrying details it is necessary to provide reliable electric contact, paying attention to quality of the jack.

Wiring correspondence of switches of various trademarks:

5 positions - Turkey-ВС 6-07/D 6-01/613

Spain -GOTTAK-850601

Germany -DREEFS-5HX042

Russia(Pskov)-ПМЭ 27 2353 andПМЭ27 23522

Kirov ПМ5

7 positions: Turkey-ВС 6-/07D6-01/602


Spain -GOTTAK-8706031and 8706041

Germany -DREEFS-5HTX034

Russia(Pskov)-ПМЭ 27 23711

Kirov ПМ-7

6 positions Turkey-D 6.01:624

Spain -GOTTAK-86005RB

Germany -DREEFS-5HХ034

Russia (Pskov)-ПМЭ 27 23623 and 2368

Power switch for Electra, Novo-Vyatka ПМ-7

Power switch for - electric ranges “Dream”

Power switch for Electra, Novo-Vyatka ПМ-3

Power Switch 23711 - 7 positions

Power Switch -2353 -5 positions

Turkey -Marks Technologi-technical code-602, 7 positions and technical code-613,5 positions.

Heat controller (thermostat)

Heat controller and heat restrictors; the length of the stem is up to 3000 mm; a range of temperature regulation is from -0C up to 320С; case working temperature – up to 150С, brass or nickel plated contacts 16A/400В or 16А/240В; it can be equipped with additional double-throw contact or bipolar version.

It is used for regulation and maintenance of the set temperature of airspace in the oven.

AS - signal attachments

Indicating lamp – signal attachments AS 1

An eyelet for light alarm Novo-Vyatka (Electra)

Technical data:

110 (125), 230 (250) V, 6V, 12 (14) V, 24 (28) V
T 90 for wires with PVC insulation
T 120 for flat contacts or wires with silicone insulation
T 150 on request
Colors: red, green, yellow, clear
Wire: section 0,25 - 0,75 mm2, length from 45 up to 1000 mm,

The device is used for indication of switching of heating elements of the electric range.

Gear reducer

It is used for rotating spit in the oven. It consists of power operated single-phase asynchronous electric motor and reducer.

Rotation frequency -2 rpm.


It is used for impaling products on it.


It is used for fixing cast-iron hotplates in the holes of the working surface.

Ring d -145,180,220

Plug and jack

Connecting plug (plug)

Plug and jack are used for connecting household ground type electric ranges with power up to 9 kW to the electrical network.

Big panoramic glass

Panoramic glass - Ladoga

Panoramic glass Elta-Ladoga

The tempered glass with the pattern. It is fixed from outer side.

Small inner glass

The tempered glass. It is fixed from inner side of the oven.

Contactor (jack)


They are used for crimping wires and serve for plug-in connection of electric wires.

Micro jack

It is used for hooking up external household devices.

Micro switch


It is used for switching of electric chains of electric ranges and other heating devices.

Power regulator (БРМ)( ПМБС)

Power regulator for electric ranges with 1-2 –hotplates БРМ

Power regulator Т-200

Stepless power regulator

Power regulator

It is used for stepless power regulation of the heating element by means of changing switching duration.

Terminal (separating) block

It is used for connecting mains wire with electric ranges WHA.

Terminal (separating) block


It is used for fixing hotplates on it and for protection of internal WHA of the electric range from foreign objects and moisture.

Cooktop - Ladoga (Elta)

Cooktop Novo-Vyatka (Elektra)

Faceplate - Ladoga

Guard plate

Oven handle - Ladoga ,Elta