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Electric ranges

We have been producing electric ranges for more than 10 years. We use only time-proved reliable and quality accessories made of environmentally-friendly materials.

Constantly increasing volume of output together with low prices is the best proof of the production quality. Simplicity and reliability are the most exact characteristics of our electric ranges.

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Hotplates and components for household electric ranges

Our company has been selling repair parts and components for household electric ranges since the first day of the existence.

Closed Joint-Stock Company "Electrical engineering" has possibility of delivery components for all kinds of Russian and foreign household electric ranges (both issued and laid off). Employees of sales office will help you, in case of need, to find analogs of components for repair necessary type of electric range. The overwhelming majority of spare parts shown below are available in warehouse of Closed Joint-Stock Company "Electrical engineering".

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Hotplates and components for industrial electric ranges

Production of industrial hotplates is one of the main activities of our company.

Today we yield all kinds of industrial hotplates, which are used by manufacturers of industrial electric ranges.

For the production of hotplates we use only high-quality molding, thermal insulation and heating elements of the best European manufacturers.

Production undergoes double-quality control. Spoilage is brought almost to naught.

We offer industrial hotplates as well as other spare parts used for repairing industrial electric ranges.

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Gas ranges and repair parts

Our company offers household gas ranges which are produced by the largest Russian factories of gas equipment:

LLC «Kanevsky factory of gas equipment- trade mark «King»

JSC « The Kazan factory of gas equipment- trademarks «Vesta» «Idel»

LLC «Omsk factory of gas equipment – trade mark «Omichka».

Thanks to long-term partner connections with these factories we have a possibility to offer gas ranges at the prices of manufacturers.

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Processing, thermal and refrigeration equipment for kitchens

Equipment for kitchens, offered by our company is basically made by the Russian factories, but we can also deliver foreign equipment.

Our experts will help you to make sense of the variety of producing models and equipment and to make right choice.

If necessary, highly skilled mechanics of our service centre will do any kind of installation of kitchens and laundry equipment, bought both at us and in other companies.

Closed Joint-Stock Company "Electrical engineering" has the corresponding state license, and employees have all documents (admissions) for electric installation works.

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Electric laboratory. Electrical measurements in the electric laboratory (measurement of insulation resistance, grounding measurement, test of automatic cut-outs and others)

Closed Joint-Stock Company "Electrical engineering" electric laboratory offers the following kinds of tests (measurements):

  • Check of a condition of earthing devices elements of electrical installations
  • Circuit test and measurements of transition resistance between grounding conductor and the earth conductors, grounded by the equipment (elements) and earth conductors
  • Measurement (gaging) of earthing devices’ resistance of all types
  • Measurement (gaging) of cables insulation’s resistance, windings of electric motors, devices, secondary chains and WHA, and the electric equipment with voltage up to 1000 V
  • Measurement of full resistance of a loop “phase-zero”
  • Test of automatic cut-outs in electric circuit with voltage up to 1000 V.
  • Check of residual current devices

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Closed Joint-Stock Company "Electrical engineering" carries out all kinds of installation, repair and service of refrigeration, thermal and processing equipment of food units and laundry equipment.

Besides, our company has long-term experience in repair and service of household electric ranges.

Frequently, all above-stated works are connected with restoration or repair of electric networks, switchboards or other elements of electric supply and equipment, that`s why the employees of our company have necessary permissions and documents for performance of the given works.

High quality and accurate terms of work performance will make our cooperation productive and mutually advantageous.

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Closed Joint-Stock Company "Electrical engineering" offers modern technological approach in operation of various kinds of the equipment, including almost all kinds of repair and service of your facilities – complete services of technological, thermal and refrigeration equipment.

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