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For example: electric stove Ladoga

Production of electric ranges (household electric ranges)

Our company has been producing household stationary electric ranges of two trademarks:

“Ladoga” and “Elta” (standard class) for 10 years.

· Electric ranges are meant for cooking at home.

· Electric ranges are successfully combined with elements of kitchen equipment, thanks to the modern compact design and ergonomics. Due to relatively small size our electric range can easily fit into your kitchen.

· Electric ranges “Ladoga” and “Elta” are made of ecological materials:

- oven thermo protection is made of ecologically clean basalt fiber and heat-resistant silicone rubber sealer; oven walls are covered with special easily cleaned enamel. The general external covering of electric ranges steel elements is white glass enamel.

· All models of electric ranges include:

- plug and jack 32-40 А jacks.

-Double panoramic and internal heat-resistant glass.

There are four cast-iron hotplates on the cooktop, which allow using ware of different sizes.

Electric ranges have capacious heat-resistant oven – more than 50 liters, with the top and bottom heaters and an additional cabinet for ware storage.

Hotplates and oven are operated by means of multipoint control knobs placed on the faceplate of an electric range.

In addition electric ranges can be equipped with: - oven stepless temperature knob, high temperature heating element – grill (1,5kw), express control knobs (max. t within 5 minutes).

Closed Joint-Stock Company “Electrical engineering” provides:

· 2 year warranty service;

· flexible payment system;

· delays of payments by mutual arrangement of the parties;

· free storage of goods in the warehouse with prepayment for fixing cost price.

Additional services:

· delivery to the object on requirement of the customer.

· preoperational preparation and connection of electric ranges.

· conclusion of contracts on post-warranty service.

· connection of electric ranges of any trademarks.

Electric ranges have necessary certificates of conformity.

Electric ranges can be made with voltage 380V in three-phase modification.

Technical design of electric ranges allows carrying out independent switching on of top and bottom oven heating elements.

Basic technical characteristics:

· The number of hotplates -4,3

· Rated voltage, V-220

· Alternating current frequency, Hz -50

· Class of protection against electroconvulsive shock -1

· Capacity of hotplates, kW: ø145mm.-1.0; ø 180mm. -1,5

· Capacity of top heating element, kW – 0,8

· Capacity of bottom heating element, kW – 1,2

· Time of heating to working temperature 260С, minute - not more than 20

· One-time power consumption, kW- from 5,5 up to 8,0

· Useful volume of the oven, ø – not less than 50

· White color.


· Heating element – grill - 1.5 kW

· Express – cast-iron hotplates-145 - 1.5 kW

· Express – cast-iron hotplates 180 -2.0 kW

· Overall size and technical parameters of “Ladoga”, mm:

Width -500, height -850, depth-600

· Packing overall size of “Ladoga”, mm:

Width -540, height -940, depth-680

· Weight, kg:

Net - 45, gross-50.

· Overall size and technical parameters of “Elta”, mm:

width -550, height -850, depth-600

-Packing overall size of “Elta”, mm:

width -570, height -960, depth-700

· Weight, kg:


Closed Joint-Stock Company “Electrical engineering” offers – «Ladoga panel» model without oven with two shelves. This model is good for hostels, hotels, recreation camps, holiday centers, summer residences and others.

Our electric ranges conform to all Union State Standard and technical conditions.

Use of “Ladoga” and “Elta” electric ranges provides not only convenience and comfort at cooking, but also safety, as all electric ranges are thoroughly and fully tested.

All electric ranges have:

Volumetric heat-resistant panoramic glass


Overall sizes of “Elta” and “Ladoga”:










Closed Joint-Stock Company “Electrical engineering” provides 12 months warranty service.

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